Activities – Hikes/Cycle

De Rust Koppie Walk

Walk to the tower on the top of the De Rust koppie. Take in the views of the Swartberg and Kammanassie Mountains as you walk. The koppie is home to many species of flora only found on the koppie. Book a tour with Willie Immelman – the local tourist guide who is well-versed on the plant life to be found on the koppie.

Distance:   2 km one way
Total vertical climb:   90 m
Surface:  Gravel
Category:  Easy
Koppie Route
Koppie Hike

De Hoop Circular Walk

Walk out of town to the farm lands where you will be greeted by views of the Swartberg, Kammanassie and Outeniqua mountains. Pass by two working farms after which you will pass a herd of angora goats.  Keep walking past a very old house and its shed to join the Middelplaas Road which will take you back to the main Willowmore Road.  Walk back on the Willowmore Road (can have trucks and buses)  to De Rust.

Distance:   7 km circular route
Total vertical climb:   90 m
Surface:  Gravel / Tar
Category:  Easy
De Hoop

Meiringspoort Waterfall to Town

Ask your host if they are willing to drop you off at the waterfall and you can return back to town walking through Meiringspoort – a totally different experience to driving it.  You are able to take in the beauty of Meiringspoort from all angles.

Distance:   11.8 km one way
Surface:  Tar
Category:  Easy
Safety:  Be aware of cars and trucks that use the road.  The road narrows over the drifts and you will need to walk close to the bollards when there is traffic.  There are a number of blind corners which necessitates the crossing of the road for better visibility.
Map Meiringspoort Waterfall
Road Meiringspoort
Old Road Meiringspoort

Bospad | Middelplaas | De Hoop

Leave from Ray’s Coffee Shop and head away from the main road towards Vredelus Farm Stay.  Stay on the farm road and continue walking following this road.  At around 3.5 km you will come to a gate across the road.  Look to the left of it – you will notice a hole big enough for a human or a bike.  Go through this hole and continue along the road passing a very small village on the right hand side. 

When you reach a fork in the road at 4.5km keep to the left and walk past Die Gat Guesthouse. 

Follow the road until you reach an intersection with a larger road (the Middelplaas Road).  This should be at the 6km mark.  There is a river at this interesection.  Turn left towards the Swartberg mountains.

Passing farmlands, keep on the Middelplaas Road.  Turn right at the next intersection (there is a derelict house across the way) onto the De Hoop Road. 

When you reach the tar road (Willowmore Road), turn left and then left again back into town.

Distance:   12km
Surface:  Gravel
Category:  Easy
Safety: Always walk in groups; a person on their own is not as secure as a group of people.  This walk has been done by 2 women on their own and it was safe enough.  Be aware of your surroundings.
Bospad De Hoop Circle