De Rust Heritage Double Fronted

Any addition to buildings, either by means of extension or a second structure, should be sympathetic to the existing building and the immediate streetscape.

If extending an existing building, care should be taken that changes do not alter the character of the original structure. Should a second building be constructed, this should neither dominate the existing structure nor negatively affect the immediate streetscape – rather consider setting the second building back from the existing structure. Alternatively, the extension may be presented as a separate element with a link to the existing structure.

Distinctive Features

De Rust’s streetscape (the view from the street) and the majority of the buildings have many distinctive features.  Developers and owners are requested to take note of these features when altering existing buildings, or when building new structures that impact on the existing streetscape.

These are:

  • Buildings rectangular-shaped, positioned parallel (orthogonally) to adjacent street boundaries.
  • Open verandas (parallel to the street).
  • Diamond-shaped windows at the sides of the verandas.
  • Vertical sash windows.
  • Victorian profile roofs (corrugated sheeting).
  • Main roof pitch between 30˚and 45˚. Veranda pitch between 3˚ and 10˚.
  • Gables of various types.
  • Attic doors or windows in gables.
  • Sympathetic use of colour
De Rust Heritage Building Shapes
Plan layouts of all buildings must consist of rectangular or combined rectangular format

The Do’s when Building or Renovating


✔ Ensure that the building is not out of scale with its surroundings.

✔ Incorporate elements of Oudtshoorn/De Rust’s street architecture in the design.

✔ Keep within the wall plate and roof height restrictions.

✔ Use vertically proportioned windows and ensure that new or replacement windows are stylistically compatible.

✔ Relate your building to the street in a way similar to the surrounding buildings.

✔ Retain the look and shape of the original building, where practical.

✔ Place the garage as a separate entity, set back from the main building.

The Don’t’s when Building or Renovating


✘ Build in or enclose an existing street-facing veranda. / stoep

✘ Build fake reconstructions which compete with and devalue genuine buildings (e.g. Cape Dutch).

✘ Use fake thatching, cement roof tiles, large profile fibre-cement sheets, fake sandstone or IBR sheeting on main roofs.

✘ Change the street facade of roofs by putting in unsympathetic dormer windows.

✘ Use un-plastered concrete or face brick of any kind.

✘ Build on top of an existing old wall.

✘ Build solid boundary walls street-side

✘ Erect pre-cast concrete boundary walls or retaining walls.

✘ Remove significant trees or hedges without a very good reason (which, in any case, will require a permit).