New Build De Rust NE
A new build in De Rust. This buidling does not overshadow the surrounding houses and is a good fit into the heritage sensitive area. Note the roof height and type of windows used in the design.

De Rust has a few open stands, some with incredible views and many are within the heritage sensitive area where one will be surrounded by some beautiful heritage houses.

These open stands offer individuals the opportunity to bring their architectural dreams to life. With a choice of available plots, one has the freedom to envision and construct their ideal homes, be it a quaint cottage nestled in nature or a contemporary masterpiece with sleek lines and expansive windows.

Creativity and individuality in design is welcomed providing the design does not over shadow any heritage property in close proximity.  This allows residents to build in whatever style resonates with them.

However, adherence to building regulations is paramount to ensure the safety and harmony of the community. As long as construction plans meet these regulations, residents are encouraged to explore their creativity and spend time working on a good design which will be sympathetic to the streetscape and existing homes in De Rust.

Adherence to Building Regulations: All new buildings must comply fully with relevant building codes and regulations to ensure safety, structural integrity, and sustainability.

These regulations encompass various aspects, including but not limited to, structural design, fire safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency.

It is imperative that developers and architects familiarize themselves thoroughly with these requirements and incorporate them into their designs from the outset.

Integration with Streetscape: New buildings should seamlessly integrate with the existing streetscape and contribute positively to the overall visual character of the area.

This entails careful consideration of scale, massing, and architectural style to ensure that the building does not dominate or detract from its surroundings.

Additionally, attention should be given to factors such as setbacks, façade articulation, and landscaping to create a cohesive and inviting street environment.