Do's and Don'ts when Building or Renovating

Hoop Street - Heritage House De Rust

The Do’s when Building or Renovating

✔ Ensure that the building is not out of scale with its surroundings.

✔ Incorporate elements of Oudtshoorn/De Rust’s street architecture in the design.

✔ Keep within the wall plate and roof height restrictions.

✔ Use vertically proportioned windows and ensure that new or replacement windows are stylistically compatible.

✔ Relate your building to the street in a way similar to the surrounding buildings.

✔ Retain the look and shape of the original building, where practical.

✔ Place the garage as a separate entity, set back from the main building.

The Don't’s when Building or Renovating

✘ Build in or enclose an existing street-facing veranda. / stoep

✘ Build fake reconstructions which compete with and devalue genuine buildings (e.g. Cape Dutch).

✘ Use fake thatching, cement roof tiles, large profile fibre-cement sheets, fake sandstone or IBR sheeting on main roofs.

✘ Change the street facade of roofs by putting in unsympathetic dormer windows.

✘ Use un-plastered concrete or face brick of any kind.

✘ Build on top of an existing old wall.

✘ Build solid boundary walls street-side

✘ Erect pre-cast concrete boundary walls or retaining walls.

✘ Remove significant trees or hedges without a very good reason (which, in any case, will require a permit).