Heritage De Rust Main Picture

De Rust is fortunate in having many heritage properties.  Most of the properties were built in the early 1900’s which makes them 120 years and older.  These houses are built from mud bricks, their walls are thick and their ceilings are high.  Many of these houses have been well- preserved as a result of the dry climate.

De Rust has an active Heritage committee falling under the auspices of  Heritage Oudtshoorn Erfenis.  Currently two members of the De Rust Committee sit on the Joint Permit Committee in Oudtshoorn.  The Permit Committee evaluates and comments on all building/alteration/renovation applications which need to go before Heritage Western Cape.

Any building older than 60 years falls under the protection of the National Heritage Resources Act No.25 of 1999 (NHRA) which makes provision for the protection and management of all built structures older than 60 years.

NG Kerk De Rust
Heritage House Le Roux Street
Iron Roof Cottage